I love the Dracula theme so I've kinda been screwing around with my favorite audio player and getting it colorized and themed like the Dracula theme too!

Looks pretty cool so far. This is how I did it.

  1. Install Foobar2000
  2. Install columnsUI component
  3. Install Musical Spectrum component
  4. Start Foobar200 and then go to File > Preferences > Display > Columns UI > Colours and Fonts and set the following parameters:

    Element: Global
    Mode: Custom
    Foreground Item RGB 248/248/242
    Foreground Selected Item RGB 248/248/242
    Foreground Inactive Selected Item RGB 68 71 90
    Background Item RGB 40/42/54
    Background Selected Item RGB 98/114/164
    Background Inactive Selected Item RGB 248/248/242
    Fonts Tab
    Element: Common (list items) and Common (labels)
    Mode: Custom
    Font: Consolas 9pt
  5. Ok to apply and close preferences.
  6. Click "live layout editing".
  7. Right click the right panel to add a Visualization Panel (Musical Spectrum).
  8. Turn off "live layout editing".
  9. Right click the Musical Spectrum box and go to "Options".
  10. Remove all the colored bars in the bottom right in the horizontal A entry and create the following by adding each one:

    Cyan RGB 139/233/253
    Green RGB 80/250/123
    Orange RGB 255/184/108
    Pink RGB 255/121/198
    Purple RGB 189/147/249
    Red RGB 255/85/85
    Yellow RGB 241/250/140
  11. Above that it has Text/Background/White Keys/Black Keys/Peaks. Enable White Keys and change all these fields to the following:

    Text RGB 248/248/242
    Background RGB 40/42/54
    White Keys RGB 68/71/90
    Black Keys RGB 40/42/54
    Peaks RGB 248/248/242

That's pretty much it! I put a dumb version number for no real reason, felt like it. :P