About Me

Hey. I’m Aberu. I play video games, listen to all sorts of music, and enjoy discussing politics and philosophy. Also I have pretty dang good taste in cocktails. I like to blog, I’ll stream when I feel like it, and my opinions are not always what you’d think. I also am challenged with Bipolar II, ADHD, and Complex PTSD combined.

In my regular life I’m an IT Support Technician (formerly a restaurant manager) married to an Aerospace Process Engineer who has a chemistry background. I have a small circle of friends that I’ve known for over 20 years, and we’ve all played video games together as long as we’ve known each other.

Politically I’m pretty firmly in the left. I describe myself as a Star Trek Utopian on the political scale. This is a pro-reform communist, as best as I can put it. I think that capitalism is a necessary stepping stone, we need a post-Marxian methodology, and it’s vital to actively subvert capitalist systems from within culturally, rather than forcefully through violent revolution. I’m a big fan of Democratic Worker Coops and employee ownership models in general as a result.

Favorite kinds of video games typically are complex competitive games, JRPGs, and occasionally MMORPGs. Favorite specifics would be DotA2, Starcraft 2, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy XIV to cover these genres.

My music taste varies widely, it encompasses Jazz, Metal, Classical, Soundtracks, Hip Hop, EDM, and some Folk. I’ll listen to Esperanza Spalding, jump to Antonín Dvořák, listen to a little Hans Zimmer, bust out the Biggie, grind to Infected Mushroom, and finish off with some Johnny Cash. I’m all over the place.

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